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Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Fantastic Fishing on Rivers in Wisconsin

Catching Walleyes on River Hotbeds

Fishing in the many rivers of Wisconsin is great if you are in search of Walleye. As soon as the river approaches 40 degree temperatures, you are sure to see many anglers heading to the river for fantastic fishing. The most common tactic to obtain fish is to wait for the fish as they migrate up the rivers through the fall and winter, before they begin the spring spawning event. Waiting for the fish as they approach these areas will increase your chances of bringing in a good catch. The end of their journey is usually at a dam located in the Midwest region.

The females prefer to lay their eggs in areas where the bottom is rocky and hard, covered in rock and gravel. The fish tend to stay in areas where a slight current is available to oxygenate the eggs that have been laid. The males are smaller, but will be in the spawning areas even earlier as they wait for approaching female walleyes. The males are aggressive and bite easily.

A 90 mile section of river lies between the Suak dam and its joining place with the Mississippi River at Prairie Du Chien. There are many locations where the females will be looking to spawn, so there is no need to worry about competition from other anglers. The less pressured areas from fishermen are usually miles away from the congregation of fish that form below the dams. The fish like to evade the current and stay in areas surrounding wingdams, wood, trees and brush that have fallen, piles of rocks, river bends and bottom depressions. Here they wait to catch food that may be passing their direction. It is a better strategy to move down river to these areas rather than towards the dam. Once you have found the fish, the easier part is catching them.

Have a variety of jigs on hand to use. A flatter jig is preferred in order to cut the river currents and allow you to use a lighter jig to reach the bottom. The fish are usually about one foot off the bottom in the spring season. An important point is to always maintain contact with the bottom. If jigs are not effective in attracting fish you may want to try a plain light wire hook which contains a split shot and colored bead on top of the hook. Start with the shot about one foot above the hook. You may want to lengthen the distance if the fish are biting lightly or acting spooked. The best bait is likely a fathead minnow.

You may wish to anchor the boat, possibly with two anchors for better boat control. Allowing the boat to drift slowly is another way to try and catch fish. Another strategy is to slip the current while trolling slowly against it and using a vertical jig as you move, it is important to keep the line as vertical as possible. Night fishing can be very good in the spring season. Look for fish in shallow and calm areas, use jigs or shallow running stick bait.

Wisconsin River fishing is great in the spring and throughout the year. Try different techniques to bring catch the walleyes you are looking for.

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25 Inch Walleye Caught at Lake of the Woods

Walleye Fishing Secrets Student Shares an Awesome Catch


Here's a 25 inch walleye caught at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. The picture is a great memento for me.

I caught it drifting. We caught it amongst some smaller ones that ended up on the dinner table.

Your advice was helpful in making my trip successful. Thank you!"

- Russell K.

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