Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Tune in to the Thermocline
Tuning Your Fishfinder for the Thermocline Can Result in More Fish in the Boat


Does the thermocline have a big effect on walleye fishing?, Should I be fishing above or below the thermocline?, Can the thermocline be seen on a fish finder/locator?



Find the answer below ...

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The thermocline can be found on a fishfinder - tuning your locator will enable you to see it, and you definitely will see it.

With reservoir fishing for instance, you're not really going to have a thermocline.

If there is a thermocline on the lake, you want to stay just below or just above it.

The fish will relate to the thermocline, and because of this you want to hang right around the thermocline.

The fish will not go too far below the thermocline because as they go below it the oxygen gets dissolved so that's the reason they're not hanging around too far below it.

When you fine-tune your fishfinder unit for the thermocline, you're setting yourself up for success because that's where the fish are going to be.

Andrew Martinsen is a walleye enthusiast who grew up fishing Lake of the Woods and loves to share his passion for walleye fishing with thousands of anglers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Tournament Champion Pro-Squad is a group of North American walleye tournament champions who have competed and succeeded in tournaments including the MWC, MWS, WWA, RCL, FLW, IMTT, PWT and more.

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*by Ranger Crestliner Lund League (RCL) along with other top accolades.

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From: Andrew Martinsen

Dear Friend,

Does this describe you?:

"I always have trouble finding walleyes. It more often seems they find me.."

I hear ya. I was in the exact same situation as you not long ago. In fact, I was ready to
give up on walleye fishing for good - a sport that I have loved since I was a little boy. Read on to learn about my amazing story.

If you've ever wanted to "crack the code" on the secret skills that keep the best walleye tournament pros in contention for championships year after year...

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Every good angler knows there are three basic things behind catching walleye --

● (1) Knowing when to fish...
● (2) Knowing where to fish... and,
● (3) Knowing what to fish with.

Some anglers think they can buy their way to the success. You've seen 'em. All the newest gear, mega-buck boat, the works. And yet they get swamped by the guy in the canoe with a simple bait setup. Shameful? No, it's just that when you finally learn the timeless secrets of walleye fishing (the forgotten
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"The Big One I Caught Was 10 pounds 11 oz."

"My son and I went out the same day that I picked up the guide from you and we caught 6 nice size fish. The big one I caught and it was 10 pounds 11 oz. Man did that stuff work! The kid wants to go out again soon. Thanks again buddy."

Mike L., Columbus, OH

Let Me Share My Amazing Story With You:

When I was about 6 years old my uncle bought me a fishing pole for Christmas. It was the greatest gift ever.

I fished with that pole for about 5 months straight, every single day at the neighborhood pond.

I was instantly hooked on fishing!

Now that I'm older, every once in a while my uncle and I will compete down at the lake to see who can catch the most walleye.


At first I could never beat him. I mean
never. He would out-perform me week after week.

Ok, I did beat him once during my first 4 years. Sadly it was on a fluke though. Because it was the time when he was figuring out a new depth finder, so the win didn't really count.

That was the only time I ever caught more fish than him during that whole 4 years.

Before long, I learned the
painful truth:

Walleye Fishing Fact

83% of people who fish for walleye say they're not catching as much as they would like...and 97% of anglers say they have no way to pull in walleye with regularity.

My heart sank when I found all this out. But after all, it's true: The walleye is one of the most elusive fish species with its own unique habits and preferences. They are nomadic, and move around so much that sometimes
it felt like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Fast Forward To Today...

I catch more fish than my uncle almost every time out now. The only way he can beat me now is by pure luck.

What happened to turn around my fishing performance so fast?

The truth is,
it all happened because of my chance encounter with one of the top walleye fishing professionals in the world...

You see, he is such a superb fisherman, who quietly does his thing while enjoying the looks on his competitors' faces when he beats them in yet another tournament.

Now, of course he doesn't win every tournament he enters but he's won more than his fair share, and I feel sooo lucky to have met him.

In fact, just a couple of years ago, he won the prestigious honor of
Pro Angler of the Year. (You'll see all of his extraordinary credentials inside the guide because he prefers to fly under the radar).

As I got to know him, he taught me easy-to-learn strategies and ingenious mindsets my fishing buddies and I could have never come up with in a lifetime of walleye fishing.

He routinely turns down offers to speak at large seminars and workshops all across the US and Canada, because he prefers to teach one-on-one to share his love for walleye fishing. If you've ever wanted to learn the secrets of a walleye tournament champion, this is your chance.
WARNING: These never-before-told secrets are only available for a limited time to prevent them from being devalued by getting in the hands of too many people.

If you're
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There are no pie-in-the-sky ideas here. Just proven advice to move you way ahead of everyone else.

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"25 Inch Walleye Caught at Lake of the Woods"

"Here's a 25 inch walleye caught at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. The picture is a great memento for me.

I caught it drifting. We caught it amongst some smaller ones that ended up on the dinner table.

Your advice was helpful in making my trip successful. Thank you!"

Russell K.

"I've Been Catching More Walleye and Bigger Walleye"

"Andrew, I love to walleye fish...Since I've been using your program I've been catching more walleye and bigger walleye. Thank you."

Mark T.
Kankakee, Illinois OH

"My Goal is to be the Best Fisherman I Can Possibly Be"

"Had my grandson out at Sioux Narrows, Ontario for eight days, we fished five out of the eight days. He had five days fishing that most people would give their eye teeth for.

Have A Great Day Andrew and thanks for all the fishing information, it has helped alot, I usually fish every chance I get out of my canoe on remote lakes, minimum three times a week and ice fish in the winter, my goal in life is to be the best fisherman that I can possibly be."

Gene M.

"60 Fish Over a 3 Day Period"

"thanks for everything....

my love of my life second to my wife is walleyes.

Here's what happened:

The waters were wyoming reservoirs....
pathfinder... glendo..boysen... i caught the pig at 2:30pm in the afternoon.. temperature was 104 6 feet of water..i was blessed netting this eye using a macks lure with a crawler and a snap weight in 6 feet of water..he weighed in at 10.66 lbs..29.5 inches..with nearly a 19 inch girth...over a 3 day boated over 60 fish. blessed were we.

thought you might enjoy the pic..."

David, Wyoming

This Information is Controversial, Because it Permanently Gives You the Upper-Hand

The biggest fishing companies want you to believe that all you need to do to catch more walleyes more often is to just buy their latest lures and gizmos every year.

But dear friend, I've learned that humankind has been catching
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Here's my promise to you: You will never need to buy a fancy lure or gizmo again once you learn these insider secrets.

There's a lot more I'm going to tell you about the multimedia
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But before we go further,
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We're only near the beginning of this letter and you've already seen some pretty bold statements. And if I were you, I'd be wondering ...

Is This a Bunch of Hype?

And you're absolutely right to ask that question.

Look, if I wasn't the one who met this walleye pro and saw my performance skyrocket with my own two eyes, and if it wasn't for the 108-page (and counting) Microsoft Word file where I'm putting the emails that keep coming in from regular anglers saying "this stuff works," there's no way I'd believe it was true.
In other words, I know how you feel.

So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and showing you
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For the first time ever, the walleye tournament champion named "Pro Angler of the Year" is revealing all he knows about finding and catching walleye at the highest level.

For example,

With the Multimedia
Walleye Fishing Secrets Guide,
You'll Discover...

● How to avoid the most common mistake made by 99% of all walleye anglers. Just as importantly, you'll also learn WHY you need to avoid this mistake.

● The secrets of trolling with crankbaits to pull in monster walleye and make your friends wonder
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How to find out where the walleyes are, and why they are going to certain areas of the water in droves while avoiding other areas.

● Exactly what to do when you've done
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● An amazingly powerful 7-word mantra that will become your new walleye fishing mindset and catapult you to the upper-echelon of walleye anglers almost immediately. Just seven simple words, yet because they're so effective, they trigger
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● How to understand the unique "personality" traits of the walleye as a species. This is so much fun, because once you know these,
the game is OVER.

● How to tie your hooks up like the pros. Learn these specific techniques and
leave nothing to chance as part of your complete walleye fishing strategy.

● Why knowing the sometimes erratic patterns of walleye is a very important factor in your success.

● How to make one trolling run
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● The most important consideration in finding walleye when you haven't caught many for the day.

● Simple-sometimes even illogical-strategies that almost always give you a
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● A remarkable technique for running boards that truly
separates the men from the boys, as you'll see.

● How to use the laws of biology to increase your effectiveness on the water. There's a vast universe of scientific research about the walleye that most anglers have ignored. But a few professionals have been looting this gold mine for
years, taking in boatloads of walleye and leaving the competition far behind. From now on, you too will know these effective "biological triggers" that will make the walleye jump at your offering with frequency and aggressiveness.

● How to set up your own scientific system to soon be catching more walleye than you can possibly handle.

Sneaky, underground (but perfectly legal) ways to research your fishing spot before you go out. Spending just 5 minutes in preparation this way can save you hours of wasted time on the water.

● Exactly how you can enjoy an entire summer of catching
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● Insider techniques for jigging in the river.

● The reason why from now on you can
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● How you can increase your chances of success when you go to fish a new lake for the first time. Yet because it's been such a hidden secret, very few anglers,
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● Simple, proven ways to keep all of your live bait in such great shape that
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● Several mistakes made by the vast majority of amateur
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● Want to bring in only the
BIG-ones? You'll find out which tournament-tested tactics are proven to reel in trophy walleyes of 28 inches and up.

● Three highly effective ways to fish the weeds
without worries. Once you learn this, you don't have to worry about depleting your tackle box because of weeds ever again.

● Ever heard of a basketball player getting into a Zone, where the hoop appears bigger than it actually is? Well, it's possible in fishing, too. You'll learn how to get yourself into a permanent Zone, and turn yourself into a true walleye fishing machine.

● The
tricks used by the pros to run planer boards when they must catch the most walleye in the least amount of time.

● How to make the fact that the walleye are more challenging to catch than other species
fun rather than frustrating.

● Scores of motivational real-world experiences of a professional walleye champion angler to help you
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● The
most effective way to run crawler harnesses.

● What to do if you've ever had a "goose-egg" outing with no walleye. There's a
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● How to use the
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● How to troll 3-ways for the
best hookup rate.

● Five
tiny adjustments you can make right now to determine the patterns of the walleye, so you can always track them down on any given day.

● A
very simple tactic to elevate the walleye's attraction towards your offering! (An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart walleye professionals... but ignored by 99% of other anglers!)

● Find out the proper way to set the hook in all conditions to reduce your tales of "the ones that got away."

● The ingenious one-word answer that unlocks the keys to knowing where to fish
every time out.

● A very detailed, specific regimen you can put to use that catches
dozens of walleye over 10 pounds.

● An almost embarrassing plethora of hook-tying methods that will make you stand out from the pack of everyday anglers.

● The
STEP-BY-STEP process you must take in order to produce astonishing results. Example: most anglers focus exclusively on going with what they know has worked previously. But you can often catch a lot more walleye very easily by doing things just slightly different from everyone else. You'll learn many creative ways to do this with results that will amaze you.

● How to catch your limit in under 90 minutes and have your buddies
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● The true meaning of fishing. You'll gain even more respect and appreciation for the sport you already love.

● Your most important consideration in finding walleye. Follow everything else in the Guide, but neglect this, and everything you've worked hard for could go to waste.

● Understand the secret behind the timeless tactics of walleye fishing, and you will have cracked a whole new code, tapped into an atomic power for exploding your catch count.

...And much, much more!

"The Biggest Was Right at 13 lbs"

"Andrew, Thought you might enjoy this. This particular night we landed 23 fish, 15 were over 8lbs. The biggest that night was right at 13lbs. or 33 inches. It was a little chilly but not bad, not when your catching hogs. Thanks! Jason."

"It Really Helps Me When I'm On The Lake"

"I have been walleye fishing for 15 years...I like the specifics that this program sets out... It is very good advice and it really helps me when I'm on the lake and I'll remember some things that I hadn't tried before that can be put to good use...I think this is a really good program for people who are interested in becoming a pro walleye angler or somebody who has been doing it for a couple years but still has a lot to learn...even for people who are great pro really couldn't go wrong... Thank you Andrew."

Trevor S.

"I Won the Big Fish Contest at My First Ever Walleye Tournament!"

"Thanks Andrew, I have been fishing for walleye for about three years now and find that the challenge is what drives me. Your Walleye Fishing Secrets program has kept me interested in bettering my skills since I bought it. The manner in which you make your presentations using written, audio and video reports keeps my interest levels very high.

I have come a long ways from being at the bottom of the ladder not long ago. Last summer I think I progressed from being in the perhaps the lower 10 percentile group of people on the lake to probably the upper 80 or 90 percentile group. In the past, I almost always came home with an empty live well, though it was great just getting out on the water for a day.

In fact I won the big fish contest at my first ever walleye tournament last summer! It was a 31.25 inch walleye that showed 12.375 on the conversion chart, but the taxidermist said it should go 13 to 14 pounds. I included a picture. The tournament is the biggest one of the year in Montana.

Before going out on the lake next spring, I plan to review all your productions to refresh my memory of all the valuable tips you give.

Best wishes to you,"


"Here is a Little Trip We Just Took"

"Andrew, i have been fishing 'eyes for over 30 years and i love it. Here is a little trip we just took. Enjoy, Carl"

"We Caught a Total of 9 Walleyes"

"Thanks- we caught a total of 9 walleyes in 2 nights here in wisconsin - one northern- and had alot of fish that didnt stick. big fish was a 32 incher, and the smallest was 23- the rest were between 28 and 31 1/2 inches.

the spread reached 20-40 feet of water, and the hits usually came deep or shallow on the outside board. we could see them come up sometimes 25 feet to hit it. all fish came from 10 at night - 5 am."


"I Have Had a Great Year Fishing for Walleyes"

"Just got back from Lake Oahe, it was unbelievable.

Started out using Cranks to find the fish and I caught my biggest fish on Bottom Bouncers with homemade spinners. We also released alot of nice fish.

Andrew, using alot of your information, I have had a great year fishing for walleyes. I have caught my limit on my fishing trips.

Thanks for all the great information. I have always loved to fish walleyes, but I seem to be getting better thanks to you.

Thanks again!"

Clark Z.

Here's what's included in the 2+ hours of audio and video contained within Walleye Fishing Secrets...

Component #1

EBook: 19-Page Quickstart Overview
Get ready for your journey. Follow along with all of the audios and videos with this convenient roadmap.

Audio Report: Inside the Mind of a Professional Walleye Tournament Champion
You'll discover for yourself all the
scientifically validated championship-level techniques that have been SHARPENED and honed over the last 30+ years.

Video Report: Counterintelligence I
This video is important, because you learn the
exact way to find out what's hot at any time of the year on any lake or river.

Video Report: Counterintelligence II
Here you'll find an even faster way to find out what to use and where to go at any time of year on any body of water. You've gotta love this "underground" approach.

Component #2

Audio Report: Inside the Mind of the Walleye
You'll benefit from now on from this
professional insight into the mind of the walleye. This is one-of-a-kind stuff, and it's only found here.

Video Report: Behind The Science
Whoever said science is boring never used it to catch more fish. Seriously.

Component #3

Audio Report: Super-Ninja Walleye Fishing Secrets
This is where you'll hear about all the specific tactics you need to possess to be the one who reels in the most fish. Find out underground methods most
walleye pros don't even know about.

Video Report: Why Social Maps Rule
Remember that the internet's there for a reason. That reason is to (of course) catch you more walleye.

Video Report: Research for Results
You'll see the reasons why doing 5 minutes of
laser-targeted research before you go fishing can lead to dramatic results. That's powerful stuff when you notice something this simple that works this well.

Component #4

Video Report: Quote Me on This
You'll be a little more than surprised after seeing this video... It unlocks perhaps the biggest key to constant success with walleye fishing.

Audio Report: How to Have a Lifetime Fishin Buddy
After listening to this clip you'll know once and for all why fishing is only the most rewarding sport ever.

Audio Report: Outrageous Catches at the Lake
You will never need to buy a fancy lure or gizmo again once you learn these secrets, because humankind has been catching HUGE fish for thousands of years ...
long before fancy lures were ever invented.

"The Little Tricks Started to Show Up in More Fish"

"Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to thank you for your ideas. Trout fishing is all I did up until 20 something years ago. Bass fishing took over along with crappie. Then I started getting a few walleye and my taste buds went crazy.

I started looking everywhere for info on catching walleye. Wow I got lucky and found Andrew on the Internet, I enjoyed all the reading and clips I got from you and the ideas and little tricks started to show up in more fish. The info just opened up a new world of fishing. I truly would still be looking for a way to catch walleye.

The idea of how to use and work lures in different ways and where to use them has made my dinner plate full of good eating. Thanks for your ideas and your kindness Andrew. I have friends that try to pick my brain for ideas and once in awhile I let one slip. But if not for your web site I would be still looking. Thanks again,"

Jim H.

Here's What You Won't Be Getting:

Now that you've seen what you get in the 2+ hours of audio and video contained within the Walleye Fishing Secrets Guide, here's what you won't be getting:

● You
won't learn concepts that are untested and unproven. Everything you get is scientifically proven to produce results - that is, more bites, more action, and more walleyes.

● You
won't learn how to perform some single "miracle" tactic or maneuver every time you go fishing. Instead, you learn the exact steps to take to craft your own strategy that is so powerful, the walleye are literally compelled to take aggressive action.

● You
won't get rehashed, recycled or regurgitated walleye fishing techniques that everyone has proliferated for years and years. What you get are ingenious, innovative and effective tactics that most people - not even most professional walleye anglers - know about.

● You
won't find out about some fancy new lure or gizmo. After all, true walleye fishing success has very little to do with your equipment.

When you claim this multimedia guide, you get to see exactly what works, not what hypothetically works, so you start making progress immediately. Walleye Fishing Secrets cuts through the clutter and tells you how to avoid the common mistakes which cause most anglers to fail miserably at walleye fishing - and how to catch walleyes fast!

Soon, They WILL Be Referring to You as...

THE Walleye KING!!!!

What's a Resource Like This Worth?

Imagine having a professional walleye tournament champion by your side, chatting with you like a long-lost friend, explaining to you in plain english exactly what you can do right now to catch more and bigger walleye.... What would that be worth to you?

You would normally have to pay a Walleye Tournament Professional thousands of dollars to teach you what you are about to uncover in this Guide. I just got an email the other day from a guy who attended a weekend fishing seminar last winter that set him back over $2,500.00.

With that said, can you believe the price of the Walleye Fishing Secrets multimedia guide isn't even $500.00? No, it's not even $250.00.

Would you believe me if I told you that your investment in
catapulting your walleye fishing to stratospheric heights is a measly $27 ?

That's not a typo, and yes, I know it sounds ridiculously
underpriced because you could easily spend much more than that amount on a light shore lunch.

I don't have to convince you that it's worth every penny for all the walleye you're guaranteed to catch.

Even if Walleye isn't your main game, the fishing principles covered in this 2+ hour multimedia guide are
guaranteed to improve your chances of catching nets full whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. Claim your copy while they're still available.

"Thank You"

"Good morning Andrew, I bought your course over the weekend and have learned enough already to make it well worth it. The price is peanuts for what you learn. I live on a small lake. The lake was dropped to remove bad weeds last year. The result has erased all the areas the old timer who sold me the house showed me where the walleyes patterned. With your materials I will find them. Thank you for this." Dennis

Unlike most ebooks that you'll find online these days,
Walleye Fishing Secrets is a multimedia product, containing over 2 hours of audio and video with the exact information you need to skyrocket your success and catch more walleye. Plus, this valuable program doesn't get shipped to you on some clunky CDs in 3 weeks. You get full access to the entire Guide just seconds after you place your order!

Walleye Fishing Secrets, catching walleye is easier than you ever imagined.

There are no complicated lists to memorize or boring handbooks to read. If you can hold a fishing pole, and keep track of your progress - then you've got 99% of the skills required to apply what is taught in the guide.

Once you hear about and apply the original concepts of the walleye tournament professional, you will
immediately have the upper hand on the water. And let me tell you, you are going to be shocked at the results.

Turn Yourself into a Walleye Fishing Machine!

I'm Throwing In $384.00 Worth Of FREE Bonuses...

FREE Bonus #1: ($197 value) This bonus is only available for a limited time. Act now.

Audio Report: Sponsorship Secrets
No stone is left unturned in revealing to you STEP-BY-STEP everything you need to know to make money and get free gear just by doing what you love - walleye fishing. Learn why it's important to fit your sponsorship obligations to your own unique personality. You'll hear about the best time of year to approach sponsors, and just as important, how to approach them. Find out how to show a sponsor you truly believe in their product. Because of this report, you'll never have to wonder about the exact time to submit your sponsorship application, the precise time to follow up, how to follow up, and best the way to follow up. You'll also hear how to give your resume that "wow" factor to get sponsors to approach YOU. These are deeply-held secrets never shared with anyone....until now. This report is severely undervalued at $197, but it's yours FREE when you order Walleye Fishing Secrets.

FREE Bonus #2: ($59 value)

EBook: 365 Delicious Ways to Cook Fish
Walleye are the very best table fare around, but sometimes when you bring in a sack full of walleye, you want to have a quick new way to prepare it. That's why I'm giving you a free copy of this EBook, showing you a different way to prepare fish for every day of the year.

EBook: Fish and Game Recipe Sampler
Lets face it, no one can eat only walleye 365 days a year. After all, there are times when you have other kinds of fish or game on the table. With this EBook at your side, you'll never run out of ways to prepare them. (Plus you'll learn about a delicious Baked Walleye and Carrots recipe)!

Audio Report: Succulent Walleye Side Dishes
Here you'll learn about all the side dishes that will have your table partners begging for more. There are mouth-watering dishes here I promise you've never had alongside walleye. But once you do, you'll never turn back.

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FREE Bonus #4: ($19 value)

Audio Report: Live Bait Lessons
You'll find out what to do with your bait so the walleyes can't help themselves but aggressively inhale it like candy.

Video Report: Find Bait Fast
Your biggest problem is going to be having enough bait to feed all these hungry walleye you're going to find. I know, you think that sounds like a nice problem to have (and it is, believe me!) but you'll be glad you've got this handy dandy little tool when you want to be catching fish instead of worrying about bait.

FREE Bonus #5: ($80 value) This bonus is only available for a limited time. Act now.

Audio & Video Reports: Insider Ice Fishing
The curtain is finally pulled back on ice fishing, and behind it sits the four most effective timeless ice fishing tactics. Discover loads of pro ice fishing methods to get you catching barrels-full of walleye year-round. This audio report is the result of decades of testing different ice fishing methods to find which work best. You'll discover an approach to ice fishing so crafty, it goes against the grain of everything the "textbook" tells you to do. (Here's a hint: it has nothing to do with tip-ups). This huge surprise can lift your ice fishing hookup rate by 75% to 150% or more. Plus you'll hear all about a cutting edge ice fishing technique that almost got this website banned before it even got off the ground!

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I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is. Take up to 8 weeks - that's a full 56 days - to examine the information, tips and techniques in Walleye Fishing Secrets.

I am so confident in these easy-to-use insider secrets because of all the veteran and new anglers who are already enjoying this Guide and making easy pickings of the walleyes in any lake, river or stream.

If for any reason (or no reason at all)
Walleye Fishing Secrets doesn't give you everything that you demand, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

You do not need to give a reason for the refund. Your word is good enough and you'll keep the multimedia product
Walleye Fishing Secrets and all of the Bonuses.

You really can't lose! The guide's yours no matter what.

All the risk is on me.

That's about as fair as it gets, wouldn't you agree?

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Yes! Andrew. I want to order Walleye Fishing Secrets, chock full of 2+ hours of audio and video.

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ALERT: Because of the overwhelming demand since the recent official release of Walleye Fishing Secrets, I will be forced to raise its price significantly and without notice as necessary and have done so two times in the past!

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Andrew Martinsen

P.S. I
guarantee you're going to have the time of your life when you realize how much fun it is to fish for walleye using these techniques. This multimedia guide is literally jam-packed with proven tips and tactics you can use right now to catch DOZENS of walleye almost on demand. Don't Delay. Order now, and get ready to feel that unmistakable rush of adrenaline that occurs over and over as you learn and apply these timeless secrets.

P.P.S. I know, I've seen long letters like this on the internet too, and sometimes I wonder,
"is this for real?" Well, in the case of my website, the answer is, YES! My customers know that I am there for them around the clock if they ever have any questions of any kind because I am constantly checking my email box :). And because of your 8-week, Better than Risk-Free Guarantee, you come out a winner no matter what because the Guide is yours to keep even if need a refund for any reason (or no reason at all), which I will happily issue immediately with no questions asked. Just go here to order now and I will do everything in my power to get you to DOMINATE on the water!

P.P.P.S. Because this Guide
"cracks the code" on the secret skills that keep the best walleye tournament pros in contention for championships year after year, there are powerful interests who want it banned from public consumption. If these secrets are something you want to take advantage of, you owe it to yourself to do it now while you still can.

P.P.P.P.S. Oh! I almost forgot! If you're wondering about being able to access the videos and audios on your computer, tablet or mobile device, please know that if you can read this letter, then you've already got everything you need to be able to watch, listen to and read all of the content within the Guide. It's simple as can be, as you'll see.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Here are some more success snapshots sent in by your fellow peers!:

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