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Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Finding Fishing Holes

The Walleye Fishing Motherload Holes Less Trampled

One of the most effective ways to track down walleye consistently is to go against what the standard advice is for the situation. Avoid the crowds of anglers and look in unusual spots, where most anglers do not go because of a mistaken belief that the Walleye would not be there given the current circumstances.

These fish can be found in two feet of water, near weed beds and underground structure, in deep water and shallow water, and in all weather conditions. There is no set of strict rules when it comes to fishing Walleye, and being different and following your instincts instead of following the herd may just get you a trophy Walleye.

Of course, if following the crowd guaranteed success, eighty percent of the fish would be caught by eighty percent of the anglers. Instead it is the rare angler who fishes in areas that most will not go who ends up winning tournaments and catching record numbers and sizes of Walleye.

Shallow trolling is a good example of this. Many anglers avoid shallow water during the day in the warmer months, because of the belief that Walleye always head to deep water during these times. But many fish may hang around in the weed beds or underwater structure, where the temperatures are cooler but the water is still shallow. Shallow trolling during these times may give you a pleasant surprise. Think differently from all the other anglers, and don't be afraid to try areas that the other anglers may even laugh out loud about and say are hopeless.

Walleye are never predictable, and can be in the most unlikely places, as any pro tournament angler will tell you.

Avoiding the crowded fishing spots and instead choosing unusual or out of the way locations gives you another advantage, peace and quiet. When anglers fish an area in large numbers or over long periods, the fish become wary and are less likely to bite when in those areas or when it is crowded and noisy.

Avoid these areas like the plague, and instead head to places that most anglers will not fish.

Sure, you may get a few good natured ribs from other anglers, and maybe even words of discouragement, but who will be laughing when you catch the trophy of the year? When you can fish in unusual or avoided areas you are in position to improve your chances of success exponentially.

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25 Inch Walleye Caught at Lake of the Woods

Walleye Fishing Secrets Student Shares an Awesome Catch


Here's a 25 inch walleye caught at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. The picture is a great memento for me.

I caught it drifting. We caught it amongst some smaller ones that ended up on the dinner table.

Your advice was helpful in making my trip successful. Thank you!"

- Russell K.

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