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Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Crankbait Tactics

Using Crankbaits to Pull in More Walleyes

The crankbait is an extremely useful tool in any angler?s repertoire. However, which crank to use and how to use it can depend on where you are and in what conditions you are fishing. There are numerous tips, techniques and tactics that can be used and most anglers will have their preferred methods. Here are just a few tips to increase your chances of catching a trophy walleye with the correct crankbait.

Firstly, it is recommended that you ensure you are using a premium hook. Some anglers can make the mistake of cutting corners with their hooks. Never underestimate the value of a good quality, premium hook system.

Crankbaits come in a variety of colors. Your choice should depend on a number of factors. For example, if you are fishing during the spawning season in waters with a good supply of crawfish (a favorite of the walleye), you will probably find cranks of red, brown and orange, to be effective. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to look at the patterns of the plant life in the water and select a crankbait with patterns that mimics the surrounding foliage.

While simply casting and reeling can provide some success, it is recommended that you let your bait reach the bottom of the lake, then bring your line in slightly until you feel a vibrating from the crank. Try repeating this motion until you get a bite. The chances are finding a large walleye is increased using this technique.

When fishing in deep waters, you may find it beneficial to adopt a technique similar to that of a spoon or spinner. Yo-yoing the crank can be particularly effective in enticing walleye during the winter, when they are much less active and may require a little extra encouragement to take your bait.

The equipment that you choose to use may depend largely on the weight of the crankbait you are utilizing. For example, it is advisable to use a spinner combination for cranks of ? ounce or lighter. In addition, a medium action rod is often considered to be the best option, as it allows for a steady retrieve, which will reduce the risk of losing a fish that has bitten. Conversely, if you are using crank baits of ? up to 1? ounces, you may find that a baitcast presentation provides the best results.

Above all, remember, nothing can replace the advantage of experience. In other words, the only way for you to establish with cranks and equipment work best for you is to experiment. You may find that using the same bait in ostensibly the same conditions will offer markedly different results.

Unfortunately, there is no exact science to fishing for the magnificent walleye. Therefore, it is wise to try a variety of techniques and tactics. You will probably find that what is incredibly successful for one angler may offer disappointing results for you. Regrettably, this is all part and parcel of fishing. The very best advice that any one can offer is to get out on the water and find out which method is the most productive for you.

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25 Inch Walleye Caught at Lake of the Woods

Walleye Fishing Secrets Student Shares an Awesome Catch


Here's a 25 inch walleye caught at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. The picture is a great memento for me.

I caught it drifting. We caught it amongst some smaller ones that ended up on the dinner table.

Your advice was helpful in making my trip successful. Thank you!"

- Russell K.

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