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Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Looking for Walleye to Catch?

Here's Where to Find Walleye

There are a lot of tricks to master if you want to catch more and bigger walleye. The ability to find the walleye stands out above the others. After all, if you can't find the fish the best presentation techniques in the world won't mean much.

The best places to find walleye will depend on the type of water you are fishing as well as the time of year. The best time of year for walleye fishing in rivers is in the spring because walleye move inland toward favorite spawning beds.

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The ideal locations have several key features. Walleye look for shallow areas with either a gravel or sandy bottom. Additionally, these spots are typically adjacent to deep holes just on the edge of the spawning beds. Males will enter the spawning beds early in order to get a choice spot. The big ladies won't leave the deeper water until they are ready to lay their eggs.

After spawning is over, the majority of walleye will return to the deeper water. Not all walleye will vacate the rivers. These walleye will seek cover in deep holes, weed lines or underwater structures.

They are especially found of hiding in calm waters right next to churning or fast flowing water. This provides them with cover. It also has a tendency to bring the forage fish right to their door.

Just as some walleye never leave the rivers, some walleye stay in lakes or reservoirs. This can be by choice or simply from the lack of better options. Walleye that spawn in lakes will still look for shallow beds. Gravel bottoms are preferred but they will lay their eggs around shallow reefs as well.

During late spring, Lake Walleye like to hold out around weed beds, underwater structures and rock formations. They lie in wait for the unsuspecting forage fish. They aren't opposed to a well presented lure either.

Summertime makes it harder to locate walleye in lakes. They will head to deeper waters in order to escape the heat and intense light. This is especially problematic in clear water lakes. Murkier waters let the walleye suspend in shallower depths.

If possible, walleye will suspend at the bottom just below a group of forage fish. Just because the summer heat is on does not mean that walleye aren't hungry. They just are a little pickier and more suspicious.

Whether you are fishing lakes or rivers, the best time to find walleye is at night. Just after sunset and just before dawn are the peak times for walleye fishing. Walleye will come out of deeper waters and move into the shallows. This is prime time to catch a trophy-sized fish.

Shallow waters on the edge of weed lines typically are the hot spots. Most forage fish are looking for larvae hatches. The forage fish are looking for food and the walleye are looking for the forage fish. If you can locate bug activity, you probably won't be far from the walleye action.

Catching walleye always starts with finding the fish. Walleye are fairly consistent in their likes and dislikes. Understanding the preferences of walleye will take you far in catching them.

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