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Finding Walleye: The Nomadic Species Provides an Exhilarating Challenge

Favored by many for their incredible taste and their flaky, white texture, the walleye is a fish that finds itself on many tables. When walleye is the hoped for catch of the day, there are plenty of places to go across North America.

Those seeking to hook a few walleyes will find this fish can be a little tricky to catch. This fish is known for its ability to get the bait without taking the hook. This makes it a favorite of fishing fans who enjoy a real challenge with a payoff that can be rather tasty, as well. A certain level of proficiency will likely be required to not only hook this fish, but also reel it in.

Since it is found in many regions of North America, looking for walleye generally depends only on going to the right bodies of water. The walleye is a freshwater fish that tends to reside in relatively deep lakes. It likes those with a rocky or sandy bottom, and can also be found in rivers and streams. Very rarely, it is found in brackish water, as well.

Some of the most common walleye-rich lakes and streams are found in the northeast and Midwest, but that doesn't mean the action isn't hot in other locations, as well. Most states make it relatively easy for visitors and residents to find the right bodies of water where walleye live, but actually finding them in the water is up to the person doing the fishing. Suggestions on where to go in different states can often be found on fish and wildlife commission web sites, along with the proper licensing information required to catch these fish. Do be certain to check into proper seasons for fishing this species and licensing requirements, as well. The fees and fines for doing more than catch-and-release out of season can be hefty.

The walleye itself can be identified by its dark green back coloring and its golden sides. The underbelly of the fish tends to be white. The male of the species tends to mature around the age of 3 with females reaching maturity at 5. These fish can live up to about 20 years and can vary greatly in weight and length depending on age.

The summer months tend to be the most common for open walleye season in most areas. During the hotter days, walleye fishing tends to be much better at night. Many anglers report having good luck fishing from sundown to about midnight with baits such as worms, insects and more. This, however, doesn't mean one can't be hooked during the heat of the day, but it just might be a little harder.

Prolific in North America's rivers, streams and lakes, the walleye is a favorite fish for those who love a real challenge. A little hard to actually catch, this fish is loved for its ability to put some real action into a good day's (or night's) fishing.

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"We Caught a Total of 9 Walleyes"

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Clark Z.

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