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Tip-Up Tips
Inside the Wildly Effective Ice Fishing Method

Tipups can be very effective when fishing for Walleye, and many anglers prefer this method because of the convenience.

Tip ups use tip up line, which is different than the usual fishing line because it is more durable and break resistant.

This special line will not freeze or absorb water either. In addition tipups, also called trap lines by some, can signal when a bite has occurred, making it easy to fish in more than one hole or area without having to use numerous poles.

A tip-up used for fishing through the ice.

There are many strategies and techniques used by anglers with tip ups. Wind tip ups use the energy from the wind and will provide a jigging motion at times when set up correctly.

Some anglers will set up a number of tip ups, all at different depths, to determine the ideal place and depth to locate the Walleye.

Set tip ups in different areas as well, both on and off of structures.

One way to closely establish how far off the bottom you are with the tip up is to set it up this way: hook the weight you desire to the tip up line and then let it go to the bottom.

Now set the tip up out on the ice and use your hands to pull the line out of the water. Bait the hook and then replace the line back in the water.

The length of line you see on the ice is how far from the bottom your bait is.

A popular tip up strategy is to drill the ice holes in a horseshoe pattern, with you inside the shoe. Set the tip ups up on the ice in the holes, and sit back and wait.

If there are fish anywhere in the area, you should be able to tell from bites on the tip up. The ideal height from the bottom should be from two to twelve inches for tip ups, depending on where the fish are located.

Make sure to attach a split shot sinker, otherwise the minnow may not stay at the depth you want. Weedbeds can be a great area to set your tip ups in. Many anglers will mark these beds on their GPS or electronics units, so that in the winter they can come back and find them again under all the ice.

The most important strategy with tip ups is to know what the laws are concerning this fishing tackle. In some states treble hooks can not be used with tip ups, and almost every state limits the number of hooks or lines that you can have in the water at one time.

Not knowing the laws where you live and fish concerning tip ups and other ice fishing equipment and guidelines can end up with you paying a hefty fine and possibly losing your fishing license.

Tip ups can give you a definite advantage when it comes to ice fishing for Walleye, and effective techniques and strategies can help you pull up more fish.

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