Is it really possible to catch more and bigger walleye in an ethical manner that respects our precious lakes, rivers and streams while protecting the important walleye habitat?

Well, the results are in! Here's...


Proof That The Multimedia
Walleye Fishing Secrets Guide Has
Helped Anglers Throughout North America
Catch More Walleye Than Ever Before!

...The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

"I've Caught More Fish This Year than the Last 4"

"I love your site and emails thanks, I've learned a lot and have caught more fish this year than the last 4 thanks again," Mark S.


"BAM, BAM, BAM, We Had 16 Nice Fish in 2 hours!!"

"Hey Andrew, Thanks for the secrets. I went out last weekend to a place we call "The Bubble" it was like BAM, BAM, BAM, we caught 16 nice fish in 2 hours!! It was great.

And last night I went out and caught my limit in 20 minutes!!! I took this picture from my phone. My family's coming down from Ohio so we're gonna have a fish fry.

I appreciate what you do for your fellow walleye fisherman."



"Learned a Lot of Truth & Wisdom about Marble Eyes"

"My Background is that I am now the Contest Chairman for Walleye Unlimited USA. I am a better fisherman over the last 5 years and, still learning every day I go to a Meeting or an outing, I get out ~ 28 days a year ~. Love Walleye Fishing. 75% of the time I am on Lake Erie, Little Bay de Noc, Lake Delavin, Lake Geneva, IL Fox Chain of Lakes, Dream about going back to Lake of the Woods Canada, and some day get to Bay of Quinte in November.

I had a great day Sunday and went through all the information, listened to the Audio, took notes, printed out the hard copies. Will Read everything again on the Train.

1st impression was, it is interesting what you had and learned a lot more things of Truth & Wisdom about Marble Eyes."



"I Outfished the Local Guys"

"Hey Andrew I fished Merritt in Western Nebraska for three days and caught a decent amount of Walleye. I outfished the local guys using your tips so I wanted to say thanks."
Charlie S.


"I Just Won the Crane Lake Invitational Tournament Championship"

"Andrew, I just won the Crane Lake Invitational Tournament Championship. Nice Fish? You Bet ya!

Thank you, without your information it would not have been possible.

This one went around 9 lbs.... 20 Ft. of water. Nice rock structure using a fireball jighead.

We probably had 30-40 fish over 20". Of those we had 10+ over 25".

The program gave me the ability to understand the importance of Research, Strategies & Tactics to catching big walleye.

Thank you again Andrew," Rick S.


"A Nice Walleye I Picked Up on a Homemade Tube Fly"

"Andrew, thought you might enjoy a look at a nice walleye I picked up on a homemade tube fly and smile blade combo.

Of course she went back in the Columbia. I was so nervous to have her out of the water at all but could not resist the temptation to take a picture. Thanks,"



"I Never Saw a Bunch of Guys Fly to Their Poles So Fast"

"My dad as a hobby has been fishing for years, when I got a little older I didn't want to be on the boat anymore. 20+ years down the road the boyfriend and his buddy take me walleye fishing and well being a "girl" I wanted to show them up. I spent two nights and many hours casting away with a bunch of seasoned fishers, to come home empty handed. I went to the Internet to figure out a win win catch be it either lures, bait, how to wiggle your rod ect., well two more nights under my belt and I caught one walleye. Okay it wasn't the biggest fish but it was big enough to take home... I was so excited since all the guys had mostly given up n were sitting around (since the fish weren't biting very well) I never saw a bunch of guys fly to their poles to get them into the water so was funny.




"I Had Great Results this Past Opener Weekend"

Thanks for the great info. You have truly made me think differently about fishing for walleyes with all the techniques you have shared. I have put them to use this past opener weekend and had great results. We had a great time and I can't wait to get back out there.

Thanks again,"

Brent P.


"I Have Spent Countless Hours Going Over the Info I Have Received" "

"I just love all the info that I have received. I have spent countless hours going over all the info I have received. Here in Calgary Alberta the winters seem to be getting longer every year. So I have lots of time to review all the info I have received from you. I do not get to do hardly any ice fishing cause I coach kids hockey in the winter."
Stan H.


"We Finished in the Top 20 in the Cabela's National Team Championship!"

"Andrew, Thanks for the tips and we finished in the top 20 out of 253 teams in the Cabela's National Team Championship!

I like your relentless enthusiasm towards walleye fishing and I hope to learn more from your collection of techniques that I can apply on the small inland lakes around my area and also using these techniques on the Great Lakes watershed. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again...."

Paul A.


"Until Saturday I Had Never Fished For Walleye"

"Until Saturday I had never fished for walleye. Took the info I could in 1 day of study and went to the Spokane arm of Lake Roosevelt WA. Had fun my buddy and I landed 14, 4 of them were 16 to 17 inches. We fished as you recommended. Thanks."

Neil N.


"Boy Do I Have Fishing Fever Now"

"Thanks for the walleye secrets. I enjoy fishing with my granddaughter, and we all enjoy eating walleye, thank you thank you. Boy do I have fishing fever now."




"Here Was an Hour's Catch"

"Andrew here was an hour's catch from last Sunday. Largest came out of 70 ft. of water on a spinner and worm harness. We were fishing a drop off that goes from 20 to 80 feet of water in about the distance of 250 yards.

We were bottom bouncing with worm harnesses and live worms. The weather was mild and some wind, shortly after I got the 4th it got so windy we had to quit.

May all your days on the water be good ones."

Ontario, Canada


"It Has Worked Out Every Time"

"Andrew, As an experienced walleye angler I have trusted your knowledge and it has worked out every time. Thanks again,"
Randy L.
Charter Captain, First Choice Fishing
New York


"The Walleye are Hammering Our Lures"

"Hi Andrew, The walleye in and around Central Alberta are just hammering our lures. My fishing buddy and I are putting your techniques and info to good use. We are absolutely hooked on walleye. Next we'll be going to Pine Lake, which is about 35 mins from Red Deer. The walleye are mature & between 5-10lbs....I can hardly wait!!"

Russ M.


"I've Always Wanted to Learn How to Catch Walleyes, But it Has Been a Lifetime of Frustration. That is Starting to Change."

"I grew up on a lake and have mastered catching everything in this lake except for walleyes. For some reason, the walleyes have eluded me. I never did catch a walleye on this lake while I lived on it. I caught my first walleye with a slip bobber off my parents dock a couple of years ago, and lost one other off the dock last year with a slip bobber. I finally got a fishing boat about 6 weeks ago, and went out once a week and was trying to pull crankbaits, and vertical jig with minnows, and I had a few hits but missed all of the fish. I never hooked up with a single one of them. I got the walleye secrets a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking thru it. I now have 7 fishing poles all with different set ups, and a couple nights ago I couldn't sleep so I went out on the lake at midnight and started trying different techniques. It took me a few hours but ended up hooking up with a few fish. Unforunately, they all came off before I could get them in the net. I was fishing right after a bad storm and I knew the fish were not going to be really agressive, but it was really awesome to go out in not great conditions and still get hits. I am really looking forward to reading thru the rest of the material and have a new outlook on walleye fishing. I haven't been this optimistic in years, and have not looked forward to walleye fishing for a long time. I've always wanted to learn how to catch walleyes, but it has been a lifetime of frustration. That is starting to change. Thanks, T"


"It's the Best Rush Ever" "

"Hey Andrew check this eye out.!!!! i caught this at lake erie port clinton area.

i went to the western basin around kelleys island. i was very pleased. my knees were knocking. it took me around 45 minutes to get my self together i was still shaking. it's the best rush ever>>> catching the big one.

talk to you soon. Terri!!!!"


"I Fish on the Northern Ontario Pro Walleye Tour and This Info is Great"

"Andrew, Great information. I fish on the Northern Ontario Pro Walleye Tour and this info is great. Thanks, Shane"


"I Just Caught the Biggest Walleye I Have Ever Caught"

"Hi Andrew: Thanks for this. I just caught the biggest walleye I have ever caught on Lake Simcoe. About 7 lbs. What a thrill. I usually only have the occasion to fish for walleye for a couple weeks of the year, while my wife and I are camping. We have a canoe and no fish finder and we fish for them by casting and trolling. Thanks, Al"


"I Got This One on the Way to the Dock"

"Hey Andrew, Just thought I'd share yesterdays catch. I got this one on the way to the dock. Detroit River Walleye!
6.2 lbs 25.5 inches.


"This Is Bay of Quinte Last Weekend"

"Hey Andrew this is Bay of Quinte last weekend look at the icicles on the bow of my boat."

Jeff - Canada

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"I Notice the Changes in My Confidence of What I Decide to Try"

"Hi Andrew,

Hope you had a great holiday. The ice is finally getting thick enough to put in some hard water time hope you get a chance to get on the ice. I was just reading some of the material I've picked up from you. I've added a lot of what I got from your tips and Ebooks to my fishing with great success. I notice the changes in my attitude and confidence of what I decide to try. Thanks for everything."

Walleye Fishing Secrets