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Spots to Catch Pennsylvania Walleye
Productive Waters for Walleye Fishing

Pennsylvania is filled with history. It is also filled with plenty of fishing opportunities for the enthusiastic angler. Knowing where to look is the key to conquering the Keystone State walleye.

No matter where you go in Pennsylvania, there is usually a good spot for walleye nearby. Walleye are particularly found of deep lakes that have sandy or rocky bottoms. Whenever possible, Pennsylvania walleye will move inland during the spring spawn. If they can't leave the lake, they will seek out gravel beds or shallow reefs instead.

There are several rivers, reservoirs and lakes that are known for their walleye populations. Lake Erie tops the list. This lake provides plenty of cover and food for Pennsylvanian walleye. The colder temperatures also make it a popular hang out for the walleye in the summer months.

Lake Erie is a great walleye haunt but it does have some downsides. Many of the choice fishing spots require a boat to access them. This Great Lake can also get a bit rough to navigate.

Lake Erie isn't the only place that offers quality walleye fishing. Pymatuning Lake, Shenango River Lake and the Allegheny Reservoir are just a few of the prime spots to visit. The Alleghany River holds the state record for the largest walleye caught in Pennsylvania.

Another lake in Pennsylvania that is worth fishing is Kinzua Lake. This lake holds two walleye records in Pennsylvania as well as one in New York. Kinzua Lake is about twenty-four miles across. There are some areas in the lake that exceed the hundred foot mark.

While the population numbers in this lake are good, these walleye tend to run on the smaller side. The peak time to fish this lake is from the end of May to the beginning of June. The walleye move into the shallower depths which makes catching a keeper size more likely.

During the early part of the season, the walleye tend to congregate around rocky flats, humps and points. A bottom bouncer with a worm harness is very successful especially if you add a spinner blade. Jigging with live bait also yields a good bite this time of year.

Once summer heat hits, it is time to hit the water with the bottom bouncer and worm harness. Keep the speed between 1.5 and 2 mph. You will also want to use a heavier bottom bouncer like a two or four ounce. This will ensure that the rig actually makes contact with the lake floor.

The old walleye lure stand-bys also play well in Pennsylvanian waters. Crankbaits, spinners and spoons are must haves in the gear box. Grubs, plastic worms and jigs can also bring in a walleye. Of course, live bait is a big winner especially if it matches the natural forage fish well.

Pennsylvania is filled with many great opportunities for an eager walleye angler. It doesn't matter if you choose to cruise Lake Erie in summer or hit a smaller river early spring. There are plenty of prime spots to park and drop line for a nice Pennsylvanian walleye.

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