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Unique Walleye Catching on the Mississippi River
Reeling in Fish on the Mighty Mississippi

Walleye fishing on the Mississippi River can be fantastic. In past years, the walleye had moved further into southern areas. The fish have grown in population as they have found new hiding areas and successful spawning locations.

The walleye have flourished and have increased in such numbers that it has made for good fishing possibilities all the way along to the St. Louis River. Near Iowa, the Walleye tend to congregate close to the bases of the lock and dam. In the winter, anglers can find plentiful numbers of walleye when the ice thickness permits. The lower and deeper areas of the river are the best locations to head out to.

In the spring time, the spawning season usually begins in the middle of April. The prime locations to fish at this time are in the spots of the river where there is rocky and hard river bottom, such as around bends. The fish usually tend to spawn in muddy areas or places where you might find flooded brush and trees. By May, the fish populations are thriving in such areas and catching is plentiful. Areas on the Mississippi that are flatter and mud covered will usually have fish, such as in places near wingdams and downriver sections.

Using rods that have fast tipped spinners are your best bet for catching walleye. You may want to use an 8 pound test line. Keep in mind that walleyes tend to bite very lightly, so pay attention to your line! Shallow waters are a good spot to look for fish. Use a very light jig which is appropriate for the current that you are fishing in.

Make sure you use enough weight to allow it to fall to the bottom lightly so as to not startle the fish. Using natural bait colors are the most attractive to the fish. The best size of jig to use is usually ranging from a sixteenth of an ounce to a quarter of an ounce.

Direct your cast towards the shore and use a slow motion to reel the bait back in to you. Take care to avoid snagging the line or trapping your line when you are close to rocky areas. You might also want to keep an eye out for birds which are looking for a great walleye meal. Birds near the shore are likely to be searching for the same bait fish that the walleye are. You can use them as an indicator as to where the fish are hanging around.

While many anglers are indoors waiting for the time of season that they can head out to fish, Mississippi River walleye enthusiasts are already there. Planning your trip and scouting your area of the river before fishing it can help ensure that you catch everything you are hoping for.

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