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Maumee River Walleyes
Steps to Catching Trophy Walleye on The Maumee

During the annual spawning that occurs between mid March and late April, Maumee River walleye fishing is at its best. If you are looking to catch a trophy size walleye (between 9-15 pounds) there are a few things you first need to consider. Water temperature, level, and current all affect when the spawn will be at its peak and thus creating the best chance to catch a trophy walleye.

As the river's water level begins to rise due to the melting ice in the river and the water temperature rises to between 42 and 52 degrees the walleye begin to invade the river coming from both Lake St. Claire and Lake Erie. While you will find some fish before the water reaches the warmer temperatures, the big females often are not present until around mid April when the water is warmer.

Choosing the right location is also important. While you will find high concentrations of walleye throughout the river during the spawning season the highest concentrations can be found along the heavily weeded shores and locations dense in sand which are ideal for spawning. The hot spots along the Maumee River are found north of Ewing Island and continue to the south side of Tall Timber Rapids.

Once you have decided on a fishing location you must decide which kind of bait you will use. Most walleye fishermen choose to use a lead headed jig with a color twister tail as these work best. You can use either a yellow, orange, green, white, or black twister tail. White twister tails usually work best no matter what time of year you are fishing. You should refrain from the use of scented twister tails as these do not work in the northern water. You can choose to use a small piece of worm or walleye gullet though it is usually not necessary during the spawning season. You can also achieve success with the use of salted bait as well.

Smaller fish can be found by jigging a down only a few feet as they tend to stay in shallow water however, if you are looking to catch a larger trophy size female you will need to jig several feet deeper.

While it is certainly possible to find larger fish during the daytime hours it is recommended that you fish in the evening or night time hours if you wish to catch a fish above 10 pounds. The reason for this is that in the evening and night hours the female walleye come to shallow waters to spawn and eat minnows found near the surface and shorelines. Fishing during these hours will greatly increase your chances of catching a trophy walleye.

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