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Cruising Lake Erie for Walleye
Tips to Catch Lake Erie Walleye

There was a time when Lake Erie was on fire, literally. Concentrated conservation efforts have saved the lake. Lake Erie now is on fire for another reason. It is one of North America's best places to fish for walleye.

Lake Erie is a vast body with plenty of forage sources for its residents. Walleye in this lake can get big quite quickly. There are some big beauties that exceed thirty inches hiding in the Erie's depths. The big walleye are definitely there; the hard part is finding them.

The Ohio side of Lake Erie has several hot spots for walleye anglers. The Toledo shipping channel is by far the most popular site. The only way to get to this spot is by boat. Once there, trolling the Toledo shipping channel is the way to go.

The Fairport Harbor near the central basin can also be fruitful. This area has a lot of rock formations which attract walleye. The Sandusky port on the west end of the basin is also popular with walleye.

The central basin can be fished with deep diving lures and spoons. A dipsy diver and worm harness will also get the walleye action up. When it comes to fishing Lake Erie though, crankbaits are the overall winners.

A trolled crankbait can be lethal on open water or even over the western basin reefs. The reefs can be trolled or drifted. The key to success is to keep the presentation slow. A spinner with a bottom bouncer and worm harness can also entice a walleye to bite.

The Pennsylvania side of Lake Erie has much calmer water. The area off of Presque Isle is popular. The North East Marina can also be productive for anglers. It is much easier to stay put in this part of the lake. Jigging and casting are more effective here then in rougher waters.

The Michigan side of Lake Erie is very different. It is easier to find the walleye and they are in much larger numbers. The best time of year to hit the Michigan side of the lake is after the spawn. This is typically May to June.

The walleye can still be found in the shallow waters. Monroe, Sterling State Park, Bolles Harbor and Luna Pier are the top spots to find walleye. A slow troll with a noisy lure like the ThunderStick Junior is the way to go this time of year. After June, the speed and presentation will have to change.

Lake Erie is a big lake and there are a lot of places for walleye to hide. Fishing charters can be a useful tool to employ especially if time is limited. Charter companies know the water very well. They know where and when the best times to hunt for Lake Erie walleye.

Lake Erie holds some behemoth walleye in its waters. It can be an intimidating lake to tackle since there is a lot of area to cover. Try a few of these choice spots the next time Lake Erie calls. With the right presentation, the walleye may almost hook themselves.

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