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Kansas Walleye Fishing at its Best
Try Some of Kansas' Hotspots for Some Great Fishing Opportunities

Kansas is home to numerous top fishing spots, which are inundated every year by recreational and pro anglers alike. A number of tournaments are hosted here every year and there are many different fishing clubs and organizations.

A whole variety of species of fish populate the lakes and rivers of Kansas but some of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences offered is fishing for walleye.

Walleye thrive and grow in a habitat of a range of structures, which offers the fish with varying depths of water, rocky points, drop off's and weedy areas. This describes many of the lakes and rivers in Kansas, which is why it provides so many great spots for some quality walleye fishing, such as Clinton Lake, Page Cove and Cheney Lake. The best technique to use depends on a number of factors including the time of year, time of day and water temperature.

Clinton Lake is home to 25 documented fish species including large mouth bass, white bass, catfish and walleye providing anglers with a whole variety of fishing opportunities. The walleye thrive in the cold temperatures of this lake so during fall try using plastic baits with added scent or even more likely to produce great results is the use of live bait. The best-known spots on the lake are near the dam and areas such as sunken reefs, bridges or flooded gravel pits. Fly-fishing is common on Clinton Lake and trolling neutral coloured lures is popular in the summer.

Page Cove is full of underwater structure, which walleye love to stick close to. One of the best times of year to fish Page Cove is during May, which is also one of the quietest times of year here, making it a very appealing fishing trip for those anglers looking for some peace and quiet, while they fish. Try trolling with shad raps or alternatively using a jig tipped with a minnow has also produced some great walleye.

Although walleye are a creature of habit, they can be unpredictable and their behavior can vary from spot to spot. For this reason, there is no one "best" technique to use when it comes to walleye fishing but rather it is all down to experimentation and keeping an open mind. Don't become set on one method just because it worked for you yesterday. The same can be said for locations. Just because a particular reef or drop off was full of fish yesterday doesn't necessarily mean that that will always be a good spot. It is however a good place to start!

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