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Intense Walleye Ice Fishing
Catching Tons of Fish in the Middle of the Winter

Weather and the right conditions on the water play an important part of Walleye ice fishing, just as it does during the other seasons.

Just as important as the light and weather conditions is the bait, and the techniques you use with it.

During the winter Walleye may be more sluggish, because of the temperature of the water, so it may take them longer to respond to bait than it would during the warmer months.

Because there is less light under the ice, colorful bait may make a difference in the low light conditions.

This is the time when your bright and vividly colored baits will come in handy and may be the trick to catching your limit.

Chartreuse and rainbow trout colored bait are all excellent choices in the water under the ice.

Jigging can be very effective for ice fishing for Walleye.

It is important to remember that since the fish are slower in icy waters, so you need to be careful to jig slower than usual.

Try to time the jigging movements with the activity of the fish. The Walleye may take a little longer to react, so be patient and wait a few minutes more than you usually would.

Slow and simple is the key to fishing during this time of year.

One method that works well with winter Walleye under the ice is a rattle.

Pair up a jig with a few rattles. The rattles will send sound waves that will draw the Walleye closer and get their attention.

A treble hook slightly larger than usual is also effective with live minnows, because it will still allow for wiggle, and this will catch the attention of the fish.

One of the best techniques to use with this bait is natural minnow replication.

Jigging Rapalas are very popular with anglers who ice fish for Walleye, because they are effective and can bring in the fish.

Spoons can be used as well, but most anglers believe that jigging Rapalas are superior to spoons when it comes to ice fishing for Walleye.

Tip ups get mixed reviews. Some anglers swear by them, while others do not like them.

Here's a successful tip-up technique: Bait the tip up with a minnow as well as small split shot right off the bottom, while putting a Northland Buckshot spoon next to it.

The spoon will attract the Walleye and then they will go for the minnow.

Three way rigs can also be effective with ice fishing.

But don't change up your presentation too soon, because with ice fishing, patience is often a virtue.

And remember to always stay safe on the ice!

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