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Andrew Martinsen's Walleye Fishing Update

Catching Walleyes on the Detroit River
Record-Breaking Walleye Fishing

The Detroit River has one of the highest populations of walleye in the entire United States. This river cuts between Michigan and Ontario and is filled with prime walleye fishing locations. It provides anglers with numerous excellent fishing spots on both sides of the international boundary.

As a result, anglers will need separate Michigan and Ontario fishing licenses on each side of the international boundary on this body of water. It is well worth it for anglers to obtain both fishing licenses when fishing on the Detroit River because of the excellent walleye fishing spots that can be found on each side of this boundary.

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Beginning in February walleye begin to move upstream from Lake Erie into the Detroit River to spawn. Each year around 10 million walleye run through this water way, which draws walleye anglers from around the country. The large walleye population throughout the spring on the river often makes the river extremely crowded. If you plan to fish on this river in the spring be prepared to have a lot of other anglers and boats around you while you fish. Even though this time is an extremely busy time of the fishing season, it is still definitely not an experience that you want to miss out on.

In the spring, generally during the months of April and May, on the Detroit River from Peche Island and downstream to Lake Erie is the prime spot for walleye fishing. This is the location where walleye spawn each year. The Trenton Channel and locations just upstream from Lake Erie also offer good spots for walleye fishing. Walleye are also typically found on the downstream side of Celeron Lake. On the Ontario shoreline near the Windsor Casino is also a spot where anglers should check for walleye.

Additionally on the Ontario shoreline anglers should fish around Grosse Ile and the spots near the bridge that heads towards Windsor. There are many other excellent walleye fishing locations on the Detroit River. Surprisingly walleye can often be found right along the banks of the Detroit River near downtown Detroit. Fishing near the Detroit police station on the river very close to the wall is a great spot to find walleye. Along the banks of the Detroit River near the city of Detroit anglers should also check out places along the shoreline and walls.

Fishing can be productive throughout the day here. Even though walleye are typically most easily caught around dawn and dusk, the Detroit River seems to provide anglers with good walleye fishing throughout the day. Jigging is a good fishing method to use when fishing for walleye on the Detroit River. This method can be difficult to use on some of the more windy days here, but it is still the primary method used by anglers in this area for catching walleye.

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