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Prime Walleye Spots in Colorado
Where to Find Walleye in Beautiful Colorado

Colorado is not necessarily the first place you think of when considering your next walleye fishing trip. While it is true that the fluctuating water levels can lead to a poor rate of reproduction levels, stocking programs that have been put into place in recent years are proving effective and walleye numbers are currently at a high.

Walleye are one of the most popular sport fish and prove to make an interesting catch. They are an aggressive species that will go for most small fish but they also have great vision and in clear waters will spot an angler from a distance and have the sense to stay away.

During the low-light hours of early morning and late evening is when they are easiest to catch, swimming close to the surface. When the sun is high in the sky they tend to retreat into deeper waters or areas of structure where they can hide within reefs and under cliff edges.

Cherry Creek Reservoir is a great spot for walleye fishing in Colorado. It is even the location of the state record walleye, a fact that has brought this particular fishery to the attention of many walleye fishermen. The best time of year to hit this spot is between May and June. Great success has had at this time using a jig and bait, as the fish are lively and in great quantities. It is still possible to catch walleye here at other times of year but I have to resort to using a map that provides the locations of some of the known walleye school hideouts.

Jackson Lake is another popular walleye spot. The lake makes an interesting fishing experience for seasoned fisherman and beginners a like. Walleye fish are in abundance all year round and the cool north eastern Colorado temperatures keep the fish close to the surface.

Try fishing around underwater structure where the fish can hide and swim close to the shore. I have had a lot or success in the past using a simple jig and night crawler. Other people prefer to use minnows, which by all accounts work just as well. A day out can easily be extended into a weekend trip at Jackson Lake by making the most of the camping so long as weather allows.

Carter Lake is not only a great walleye fishing spot but is also home to a number of other species including bass, trout, yellow perch and kokanee. The best walleye fishing here is from October- May before the waters get too hot. In these months the fish can be caught all over the lake with crankbaits proving to be one of the most successful lures. Between February and May the best places are upriver in the rocky shores. There have been many incidents of walleye being caught on suspending baits by bass fishermen.

Another location is Chatfield Reservoir, which has produced some nice sized walleye in recent years. The best time of day to fish here is when the light is low, either early evening or early morning. Try using a curly tail grub with a night crawler.

Another popular technique on this reservoir is the use of a bottom bouncer combined with a worm harness with two hooks. Look for areas with boulders and drop off's and always ask for advice in local bait shops as to where the best spots on the lakes may be.

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