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Southern Walleyes
Catch Walleye Down South By Dropping a Line into Arkansas Waters

Unfortunately, Arkansas has limited waters that provide prime walleye fishing opportunities. However, that is not to say that it cannot yield good results. In fact, the Arkansas state record (caught in March 1982) for a walleye catch is just two and a half pounds below the world record. So, it seems that what Arkansas lacks in quantity it more than makes up for with quality.

Most of the walleye are to be found in Northern Arkansas.The best lakes available in Arkansas for walleye are Lake Ouachita, Lake Hamilton, Lake Catheirne, Bull Shoals Lake or Greers Ferry Lake (where the state record walleye was caught). Rivers, too can be a good source of walleye. You may like to try the Ouachita, Kings, White, Black, Springs and Little Missouri rivers.

One of the main benefits of fishing in Arkansas is that there are comparatively few anglers that work there, which is perhaps one of the reasons that the walleye that are caught in Arkansas are flourishing.

The majority of walleye that are caught in Arkansas waters are snagged at night or on cloudy days. They are typically attracted to lakes with gravel, sand or rock beds and are most comfortable in waters between 65 and 75 degrees.

It is believed that the Arkansas walleye population emerged from the White River drainage system. Gradually, greater numbers of the walleye choose to remain in the warmer waters and not migrate downstream.

To find a good sized walleye in Arkansas, it is a good idea to acquire maps of the river, which will allow you to pinpoint the underwater structures in the lake or river in which you are fishing. As with walleye elsewhere in the country, Arkansas walleye favor sunken islands, reefs, shallow bars and the safety offered by those hiding places.

If you choose to fish on a river, such as White River where the water is crisp and clear, you may find it useful to use a minnow and jig. This will almost certainly prove more successful than man-made bait.

While it is possible to fish for walleye throughout the year, March is typically the beginning of the season, as this is when the walleye are spawning. The fishing season in many places is over by October, but this does not mean that you cannot find good fish after this time. In fact, Arkansas is an excellent state to fish for walleye in the winter. However, winter fishing may require more patience.

As with any other state, the premium time to fish for walleye in Arkansas is between sundown and sunup. Because, walleye are very wary creatures, they are likely to hide themselves during the day, especially in the summer months. Therefore, anglers often find success under the cover of darkness, as the walleye are more active.

If you are new to walleye fishing in Arkansas, you may like to consider finding a lake or river that offers charter services, which will take you to the best spots for walleye fishing. Arkansas may not be able to offer copious amounts of walleye, but it can offer some great opportunities for fishing.

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